ANP v2.1 is now available online

Version 2.1 of the Aircraft Noise and Performance (ANP) database is now available online.
This latest version provides complete ANP datasets for 9 additional aircraft models and includes updates and corrections of data from the previous version.

ANP v2.0 is now available online

The second release of the ANP database (ANP v2.0) is now available on the ANP database website.
This new version includes updated data for existing aircraft and provides complete ANP datasets for 21 additional aircraft models.

Welcome to the ANP database website

The ANP database is an online data resource accompanying the ECAC Doc 29 3rd Edition and ICAO Doc 9911 guidance documents on airport noise contour modelling.

If you would like to access this database and are not a registered user, please fill in the registration form provided in the "New user" page.